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April 30th, 2016, is now part of history. Fifteen young peacemakers from all over the world engaged in the very first World Peace Youth Conference Call, accompanied by more than 50 spectators from around the globe.
The young panelists discussed the FUJI DECLARATION and shared testimonies about their lives and their vision of a peaceful world.
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The panelists’ names are:
  • Abir Elkhalqi (20, Morocco)
  • Ana María Martínez (23, Argentina)
  • Arooj Javedd (23, Pakistan)
  • Blossom Coelho (23, India)
  • Bobby Philip Leon Gbee (25, Sudan)
  • Cynthia Pacífico Marques Vale (21, Brazil)
  • Donata Ling (21, Canada)
  • Edward Illustrisimo (24, Philippines)
  • Elisa Perez (18, Spain)
  • James Musembi Mwania (28, Kenya)
  • Liz Fany Ojeda Perez (25, Peru)
  • Omar Abou Baker (20, Egypt)
  • Shurook Dawod (23, Syria)
  • Tomas Villar de Rohde (20, Germany)
  • and organizers Carlos Palma (Youth World Peace Forum), Jules Lamore and Brandon Perdomo.