Peace through art teaching

Patricia Pellegrini is an art teacher and a teacher supervisor in the city of Buenos Aires. She has been working for many years with thousands of children in many hundred schools in the city of Buenos Aires in order to bring the peace message to the children through art teaching. Her belief is that we teach our children so many things in school but we don’t teach them about peace and about making up with your enemy. She brings the peace message to the children, through the art education. For this, she uses themes like the drawings we are looking at. Patricia chose the theme of the results of the dictatorship in Argentina in the 70’s and early 80’s when thousands of people disappeared because they were in opposition to the military dictatorship. Thousands of people died and this has split the Argentinian society into two parts. Still today the society has unhealed wounds from those times. The children now try to bring harmony to the Argentinian society and the message is transported in this drawings.

peace through art teaching Over 200 of this drawings which were made by children in Argentina, traveled with Patricia to the first Youth World Peace Forum in Cairo. Here, refugee children, mainly from Sudan, worked on the printings and continued to draw on the same drawings started by children in Argentina, adding their message of peace. The art works then traveled further around the world, to Romania, where they arrived later in the month of May 2015, at the World Peace Forum in Baia Mare. The paintings were finished by Romanian children from Home and Hopes for Children Romania in Baia Mare and Sighetu Marmatiei.

These drawings have been painted by children from 3 continents – South America, Africa and Europe – and were presented earlier this month in the European Parliament in Luxembourg to the delegates of the World Peace Forum and to the laureates of the Luxembourg Peace Prize 2015. Everybody received one of the drawings made by children from around the world, as part of the award given by the Schengen Peace Foundation and World Peace Forum.


Patricia Pellegrini is an art teacher and a teacher supervisor in the city of Buenos Aires. She has been working for…

Posted by World Peace Forum on Wednesday, 14 October 2015

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