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Forgiveness and Micro Conflicts
Before concluding I would like to draw your attention to forgiveness in the context of micro or everyday conflicts, the ones that take place at home, school, work, and among friends. Attention is usually paid to the healing power of forgiveness, but its protective or preventive value is overlooked. Often conflicts start out being small. By perpetuating over time, social histories of violence can act as justification for new offenses. Therefore, forgiveness should be a commonly practiced resource; at home, school, work, and among friends. Another victim of terrorism said that he had participated in a pilgrimage for peace. Among [...]
Forgiveness and Macro Conflict by Jaime Cardenas
It is in the field of macro conflict and great offenses where the effects of violence are most clearly revealed. Here, we will see how the offense-forgiveness process works. Then we will delve into how forgiveness relates to truth and justice. The Offense-Forgiveness Process Insofar as the process of violence, what is perceived is, that once violence has been activated, it takes on a life of its own and tends to reproduce itself like a metastatic cancer. It takes on a dynamic offense-retaliation cycle. This is known as violent escalation. It is represented as a destructive centripetal force (Desmond Tutu), [...]
Forgiveness is fashionable by Jaime Cardenas
Since the early nineties, it has been interesting to see how the subject of forgiveness has been opening its way in society. It was rarely spoken of in the past. There has been a rediscovery of its healing and liberating power . The cause has mainly been the wounds left by diverse conflicts that have occurred in recent decades. As stated at the beginning of a recent film, “war begins long before the first shot is fired and ends long after the last”. After periods of violence, governments and international organizations tried to respond by using the courts, primarily with [...]
Forgiveness as a Means of Conflict Resolution
Just as clouds in the sky have different shapes, each conflict is unique. Each offense has different reactions. Every experience of forgiveness is also different from the rest. Nevertheless, both in conflict and in forgiveness certain aspects are repeated. My intention today is to draw your attention to some of these common features, because through them we can learn to manage conflict. My aim is not to encompass everything nor to close the circle. I would, however, like to emphasize one thing: forgiveness is not just an aspiration, it is a real possibility. Let me start with a personal anecdote. [...]
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