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Peace is not a value that is given; it is a value that we must learn in order to know, that we have to experience on our own skin, we must include in everyday behavior, in small and large acts of love that are done under our eyes.

The great value of peace, however, is a value that cannot be taught like any other school subject; it is a value that we must live inside and transmit around us, a value that we have to understand and learn to recognize in things and faces, in the difficult moments but also in the joys of everyday life; it is something that we have to make ours, in the depths of ourselves.

Practicing Peace is an exercise of life that involves us with our family (being “peaceful” in the relationship with our parents and brothers), that passes for our emotional relationship (be friends even with those who do not care about us), that lingers in our schools (to be positive in the group of our class), and that is with us in every place we live.

Being men and women of peace is a great challenge, is a “nice” challenge, however, made difficult by a world that seems to deny all our good intentions.

However, the experience that was condensed in this publications we call “Living Peace” is an experience built up day after day with the patience of someone who knows how to give value to time, and to expectations, and has seen actively engaged hundreds, thousands of children, teenagers, youth, parents and teachers, someone who can comfort us and communicate to us a sign of hope and optimism.
Our work tell us that it is possible to “educate for peace”, and saying this, I want to emphasize the semantic value of the word “educate”, which in its root means “to lead”, but also “walk together”, walking side by side.

It’s a beautiful image of two or more people walking together, they educate each other, help each other to grow: it is the image of the school as it should be, (a place where adults and children, students and teachers go together to discover a new world every day), how to be a family (a “cell” in which we will exchange experiences and affections), of how our society should be (a cohesive body, peaceful, open, supportive, enjoying peace with himself and with others)

I hope that all those things will not be a nice dream that tells only your games, your designs, your thoughts, your stories and your fairy tales, but rather a living experience that should cherish and hold dear.

“Peace is like a flower: blooms only if is watered” was written somewhere.
Let me add: “Peace grows like a flower, if only high in the sky shines LOVE and FRIENDSHIP”.

by Lorenzo Dellai
Trento, Italy