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Based upon the success of the previous Forums and considering the absence of such a medium in Luxembourg, we wish to create a journal to circulate the work of our members and partners. Global Prospects shall reflect the same commitment to nonpartisanship as the Forum itself. Il shall identifies with no one school of thought and encourages a wide range of debate in its pages to assist readers in thinking for themselves about the world.

As a Luxembourgish production providing up-to-date information and analysis about world events and Luxembourg policy on its website, the World Peace Journal shall also give a greater visibility to the Grand Duchy on the global intellectual circles and promote the country and secure its position as a major international political and financial hub.


Each issue of Global Prospects will take a blending of journalistic and academic approach and shall cover a broad range of topics related to one selected theme. It will present clear thinking by knowledgeable observers on important issues, written in English that can be read with ease and pleasure by both professionals and a broad general audience.

Each issue of Global Prospects will cover a broad range of topics in connection with the selected theme:

Business, Economics & Finance
Environment & Health
Human Rights & Humanitarian Actions
History & Political Science
Law & Institutions
Security & Conflict Prevention
Society & Culture

In each issue of Global Perspective, a sub-part will deal with an exclusively Luxembourg and European perspective on the theme selected in this given issue.