Schengen Peace Foundation

The Schengen Peace Foundation was initiated in 2005 as a not-for-profit charity approved by his Majesty Henri, the Grand Duke of Luxembourg on Oct 19th, 2007.  The Foundation contributes to the construction of a more peaceful world by promoting peace, tolerance and understanding through multicultural dialogue with the help of discussions, publications, exhibits and workshops, internet platforms, encounters, exchange and education programs as well as studies about peace.
Mayors from the French-German-Luxembourgish border region planning  the World Peace Forum 2010 at Schengen.

The Schengen Peace Foundation:

In Memoriam:
Honorary President
Dr. Otto von Habsburg+

Dominicus H. Rohde

Vice President
Prof. Dr. Pierre Brunel

Board of Directors:
Lia Villar de Rohde
Prof. Peter A. Ashton
Ignacius Villar de Rohde
Dr. Michael Schäbitz
Dr. Halima Alaiyan
Maria Villar de Rohde
Christian Descoups
Anna Villar de Rohde
Tomas Villar de Rohde
Prof. Dr. Jaime Cardenas