The history of the World Peace Forum
Historical context to the World Peace Forum

A group of peace-activists, politicians, scholars, business leaders, researchers and other interested persons from around the world, concerned with world peace, first organized an international conference in Schengen in 2006. From this the World Peace Forum developed:

World Peace Forum Title
WPF 2007 Embracing the World Otto von Habsurg
WPF 2008 Building a Network for Peace Jacques Santer
WPF 2009 Can Peace be taught? Univ. de la Sorbonne Paris IV
WPF 2010 A World without Borders Jose Manuel Barroso

A World Peace Forum conference is held once a year. Furthermore local conferences are hosted by national organizations worldwide.

Since 2007 it organizes the World Peace Forum, which gathers scholars, peace activists, executives, journalists, students, religious leaders and politicians, as well as any citizen having an interest in participating. Among the patrons of the Forum are the Sorbonne University of Paris, the former Presidents of the European Commission, Jacques Santer as well as Jose Manuel Barroso and Nobel Peace Laureates like Archbishop Desmont Tutu among others.

In 2015 the World Peace Forum took it’s first real steps into the world and organized the 1st Youth World Peace Forum in Cairo, Egypt followed by the World Peace Forum in the city of Baia Mare, Romania working on the topic of „Finding Common Global Values“.