Contribute to the Next World Peace Forum

All donations marked World Peace Forum contribute towards the 15th World Peace Forum which will be 23-25 November in Barcelona.

Quo Vadis World is the theme along with a celebration of the 75 years since the Declaration of Human Rights.

50 workshops are planned across 4 venues over the three days. The Barcelona team is working with the Rotary Club and the University of Barcelona to organise events around the world for these dates also.

Sponsorship for the WPF begins at 3000 euros per table/workshop/event, or 1500 as a co-sponsor.

Primary sponsors are sought at 25,000 and 50,000 euros and will show throughout forum.

Any donation amount is gratefully appreciated.

You can also use the bank details below to make a contribution to the peacemaking projects of our laureates.

Schengen Peace Foundation
Adresse: 14 Rue Mathias Hardt
L-1717 Luxembourg

Approuvée par Arrêté Grand – Ducal
du 19 octobre 2007 R.C.S Luxembourg n° G187
Siège: 2, Place de I’Europe, L5444 Schengen