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Peaceactive friends and help global request
The World Peace Forum seeks to be the global venue for responsible debates, research and analysis and a home for best practice exchange. In order to ensure that the World Peace Forum can give you the visibility you deserve, the Schengen Peace Foundation wants to continuously scale-up its organization and professional resources by engaging professionals in its activities. Our mission is to always move the World Peace Forum to the next level, by developing the appropriate framework and conditions for continuous growth; to ensure it makes the voices of its participants heard in an increasingly noisy world. The Schengen Peace [...]
Peace through art teaching
Luxembourg Peace Prize 2015 – the 9th World Peace Forum
Minister Asselborn visits Israel on Peace Mission
On Sunday and Monday (Sep 6th and 7th), Luxembourg's Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Jean Asselborn, visited Tel Aviv and Jerusalem at the invitation of Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. Minister Asselborn met the President of the State of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, and had a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Minister Asselborn had more meetings with the leader of the opposition in the Knesset, Isaac Herzog, and the Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, Ahmad Tibi. He also met the former Ambassador to Luxembourg, Avi Primor. Read the rest of the article on [...]
Siria se desangra, Europa pone tiritas
"No pienso en el futuro", dice Adila sonriendo, "pienso en el presente, en hoy. Mientras nada es estable es mejor no pensar en el futuro" -¿Vas al colegio?: - "No". -¿Y tus hermanos?: - "Sólo uno".                 TEXTO JAIME CÁRDENAS. DIRECTOR DE INVESTIGACIÓN DE LA SCHENGEN PEACE FOUNDATION (LUXEMBURGO) El pueblo de Siria sigue sufriendo la perturbación total de sus vidas por un conflicto que ha reportado más de 250.000 muertes. Casi cuatro millones de personas son refugiadas en otros países, y otros 7,6 millones son desplazados internos. En conjunto, estas cifras representan [...]
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