Baia Mare Protocol – to the Governments of the world

The World Peace Forum 2015 took place in Baia Mare, Romania, from May 7th to 10th. Previously, the Youth World Peace Forum had taken place in Cairo, Egypt, from May 3rd to 6th, 2015.

More than 800 peace activists and university scholars, religious leaders, artists and professionals, as well as government representatives and diplomats from over 40 countries participated in conferences, workshops and discussions.

We are proud citizen of our countries. We therefor also feel individually responsible for what our countries do in our names.

  • We call the governments of the world to search for transparency and spread truth into society.
  • We call the governments of the world to disarm and share the money saved with those in need by investing in global cooperation and education.
  • We call the governments of the world to ensure that its youth spend two years studying or volunteering abroad.
  • We call the governments of the world to enable free movement and liberty to all citizens of the world.
  • We call the governments of the world to take down borders and welcome refugees offering equal oportunities no matter where one is from.
  • We call the governments of the world to empower the civil society, NGOs and individuals to bring about solutions to the most dramatic dramas of today, foremost the mass atrocity in the Mediterranean Sea.

Truth sets all of us free and freedom empowers each individual to bring about global solidarity.

“The creation of a common Europe can only be the first step towards the creation of a union of all nations”. (Jean Monnet)

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