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Peaceactive friends and help global request
The World Peace Forum seeks to be the global venue for responsible debates, research and analysis and a home for best practice exchange. In order to ensure that the World Peace Forum can give you the visibility you deserve, the Schengen Peace Foundation wants to continuously scale-up its organization and professional resources by engaging professionals in its activities. Our mission is to always move the World Peace Forum to the next level, by developing the appropriate framework and conditions for continuous growth; to ensure it makes the voices of its participants heard in an increasingly noisy world. The Schengen Peace [...]
Global Prospects – World Peace Journal
Based upon the success of the previous Forums and considering the absence of such a medium in Luxembourg, we wish to create a journal to circulate the work of our members and partners. Global Prospects shall reflect the same commitment to nonpartisanship as the Forum itself. Il shall identifies with no one school of thought and encourages a wide range of debate in its pages to assist readers in thinking for themselves about the world. As a Luxembourgish production providing up-to-date information and analysis about world events and Luxembourg policy on its website, the World Peace Journal shall also give [...]
Peace through art teaching
Luxembourg Peace Prize 2015 – the 9th World Peace Forum
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    IMPORTANT: World Peace Forum 2017 was canceled Dear...
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